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Army will not allow Bobi Wine to ruin our country, Gen Tumwine warns

by Odongo Christopher

General Elly Tumwine

Minister for security General Elly Tumwine has warned Ugandans that the Uganda People Defense Forces will do whatever is in their means to prevent oppositions from destabilizing the country. Tumwine who doubles as army representative in parliament stated that plans by opposition to disrupt businesses in Uganda will not be taken lightly by army.

Tumwine who was presenting statement before parliament on the state of security in the country said opposition supporters led by Bobi Wine created violence in three of 23 constituencies where by-elections were held. He named the constituency as Bugiri municipality, Jinja East municipality and Rukungiri district. Elections in the named constituencies were won by oppositions.

Commenting on the situation in Arua municipality, General Tumwine says the area was already volatile even before the by-election.

He accused opposition members of importing chaotic people to Arua municipality with aim of disorganizing their opponent’s campaign.

“Some players in the Opposition opted to hold illegal processions, involving imported rowdy people who engaged in acts of hooliganism that disrupted campaigns of other candidates in Arua,” Tumwine told the house.

He added that the same rowdy crowds threatened the voters in the area by issuing threats and actions, including physical assaults, rape and property destruction.

“It is the duty of our security forces to defend the country, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity. the reckless trend has no place in our democracy and cannot be tolerated,” he warned.

He warned opposition leaders especially Bobi Wine to forget taking power through violent means stating that army will not stand and watch when the country is burning. He reminded the house that the current peace they are enjoying is because they sacrificed their life in bush war that brought president Museveni to power.

He also warned youth against threatening old people saying they would suffer the consequence.

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