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Army to release Kayihura as investigation fails to get evidences against him

by Odongo Christopher

Former IGP Kale Kayihura

Ex- police boss General Kale Kayihura has so far spent 50 days following his arrests and detention at military facility in Makidye since June.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, Kayihura fate remains in balance and could be released soon after being cleared of charges related to the death of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi.

Kayihura was exonerated after the key evidence in form of voice recording which was to be used in pinning Kayihura was found to be doctored. In recording, Kayihura was heard thanking his allies for the job well done.

The recording was presented to president Museveni by Internal Security Organization (ISO) and upon hearing the voice recording the president immediately ordered for arrest of Kayihura.

After the realizing that audio was fake, the president ordered for its source to be investigated and demanded for comprehensive report on the matter.

Investigation experts led by CID director Grace Akullu reportedly told the president that recording cannot secure conviction for General Kayihura.

The experts further told the president that Kayihura’s words in the recording was assembled from various YouTube videos of the ex-police chief.

The furious Museveni later castigated ISO for being so un professional and malicious for presenting him with fake intelligence reports.

Sources familiar with the matter said the president who ordered for verification of the recording is currently stuck with Kayihura upon being told that the evidence was fake and could not secure conviction against the former IGP who was arrested on 13th June 2018.

To make the matter worse, the investigation team presented the president with original videos where the voice recording was extracted from.

To take away the embarrassment the source added that Kayihura is likely to be charged on any other charge any time soon and will probably be granted bail as state buy times to find appropriate measures on how to drop the charges at later time.

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Another source added that the disappointed Museveni is likely to shake up ISO soon by deploying fresh brains who can give him reliable intelligence.

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