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Armed UPDF bosses netted stealing district logs

by Odongo Christopher

On Tuesday this week, gunmen wearing Uganda Peoples’s Defense Forces (UPDF) uniforms forcefully gained access to Gulu Boma ground where impounded illegal logs are being kept.

According to district production and natural resources officer Obol justin, eight people believed to be soldiers were seen on Tuesday at the facility with two of them wearing army uniforms. Obole said the soldiers who were having a lorry attempted to steal the stored logs which were scheduled to auctioned on Wednesday.

Obol added that they had to bring in police but the suspect fled the scene after noticing that their plan had been foiled. He accused senior army officers from Gulu 4th division barracks for involving in dubious deals especially taking part in illegal logging a claim the army later denied.

Obol asked the police to increase its personnel in the area saying the three police officers currently manning the place are not enough.

Police in Gulu said they are investigating the matter and asked the resident who can help them identify the armed gunmen to report to police so as they can be apprehended and brought to book.

The incident took place just few weeks after three UPDF officers were killed by mob in Arua on allegation of trying to rob the motorcycle from a boda boda rider.




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