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Anxiety as FDC is set to announce new opposition cabinets

by Odongo Christopher

Muntu greets Oboi

There is anxiety within the leaderships of oppositions in parliament as party president Patrick Amoriat Oboi is set to reshuffle the opposition shadow cabinets. Following election of Oboi as FDC party president, many MPs who did not believe in his methods of work had threatens to break away from the party to form what they referred as the third force. Led by former party president, the group embarked on nation wide consultation to get views from Ugandans from different part of the country.

However recently when asked during his consultative meeting in Kasese an opposition stronghold, General Mugisha Muntu denied having sinister plan against FDC and said he would not be forming a new party.

Sources within oppositions told us that Oboi will reshuffle the opposition leaderships and cabinets this week. Among the affected position is that of Leader of opposition in Parliament Winnie Kiiza who belonged to Muntu camp during the last party presidential election.

According to sources, Kiiza is likely to replaced byWilliam Nzhoghu who represents Busongora North the same district with Kiiza. However, the source added this moves has created rifts within some members of the party who credits Kiiza for good leadership and unity within opposition.

Other potential replacement for Kiiza includes Betty Aol the woman Representative for Gulu who is favored for needs to creates gender balance within opposition leadership. Opposition chief whip Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda is is also one of the front runner for the opposition top seat.

The source added that Ssemujju is favored because Buganda region had never had opposition leadership in parliament since Ogenga Latigo was from North, Nandala Mafabi from East and Winnie Kiiza comes from Western Uganda.

Obongi County MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo is also among those being considered. Many top party hierarchy loves Fungaroo for debating skills on the floor of parliament.

Apart from Leader of opposition in parliament, there are several positions that might be reshuffled. Some of these are Opposition chief whip, parliamentary commissioners, committee chairpersons and shadow cabinets.

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