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An elderly letter to Bobi Wine that left People Power furious

by James Ateenyi

An elder in Kyapa karuhanga has written to his friend.

Good morning, Bobi Wine.

I send this message to you because you endeared yourself to many Ugandans the time you refused to go for M7s money. Your fellow artists/musicians went and got money! You displayed your revolutionary spirit by saying no to money and stood with the people who were convinced and determined to eject M7 out of power through an election. KB won but the dictator used his guns and declared himself the winner of that election.

In Kyadondo East you won despite all the machinations of the dictator. This was however a by election. There were therefore, many people available for you including many in FDC who had seen your revolutionary spirit and felt you were better than Kantinti. They were there and guarded against ballot stuffing, falsification of results, etc. Their actions protected your votes.

You have all along been on the right side of history. You endeared yourself to me and to many Ugandans not merely by your music alone but more so by the revolutionary credentials that you were beginning to galvanise by rejecting the trappings of dealing in cohorts with the dictator or his agents. What has happened to you that you can’t know that you are now more on a rope being tugged by two people who are well known to be real agents of the dictatorship. Their objective is to divide the opposition and ensure that the dictator does not face the power of a united people to chase him out of power.

Please note. If the dictator can not allow you hold concert at your own resort to entertain your fans, do you believe he can declare any one else a winner of the National elections for the president of Uganda!!

You are free to campaign and present your credentials and your entire programme and challenge the dictator! You are even free to challenge FDC or any of its flag bearers that your programme is better.

However, when you and your team in which the agents of the dictator are embedded, make KB and FDC their punch bag instead of directing their political attacks onto the dictatorship , it will not be too long before the Ugandan people see through all this and categorise you otherwise on the Ugandan political scene. By the way the more your group attacks KB and FDC, the more the Ugandan people will be made to know that their only hope is FDC. We need a United Opposition. It must however be by those who are genuine about this Unity.

My advice to you. I ask you to stick with the people that are really opposed to the dictatorship! Not Abed Bwanika or Mabiike whose actions show that all they do is to benefit the dictatorship! Any way, the rest is for you to discern and remain with the people or destroy your political carrier by allying with the agents of the dictatorship. By the way you are free to compete against FDC and indeed KB himself or any other FDC flag bearee as long as you show that the enemy is not KB and FDC but the dictator who has destroyed Uganda.

Have a Blessed Day my Revolutionary friend.


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