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Amoriat Oboi reveals why he dropped Kiiza and Katuntu from opposition cabinet

by Odongo Christopher

Patrick Amoriat Oboi

The FDC president Patrick Amoriat Oboi has spoken out for the first time on the recent reshuffle of the opposition cabinet. Oboi stressed that, opportunity should be given to as many as people possible asking the the party which he leads not not be ring fence party positions to selected few individuals.

Oboi was speaking to NBS morning breeze program on Monday morning were he also shaded lights on several issues including FDC interaction with other political parties.

“Ugandans must understand that the FDC changes in parliament happen, they are inevitable. I don’t actually understand why this has raised eyebrows, opportunity should be given to as many people as possible. If the positions are held by just a particular people, how do we measure the strengthens and capabilities for the rest of the people in the party?” Oboi said.

He further stressed that, the reshuffle was not for particular individuals but for the opposition group as whole. He denied the allegations that he was rewarding the loyalist adding that many people who never supported his bid for party president were appointed in the new reshuffle.

“This shouldn’t be viewed as an issue of individuals, we are a group. If I was rewarding the Amoriat loyalists, Hon Ssemujju wouldn’t have bound back. If I was vindictive, maybe these reshuffles would have happened months ago. These changes were informed by a number of factors like royalty, financial contribution, other details underground can be talked about but not for public consumption.” Oboi clarified.
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He denied any bad blood with former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza and he asked the country to remain calm. He also defended the appointment of Munyagwa saying those who think he will not handle the tasks given to him are misguided and should wait and watch the outcome of his performance.

“Winnie Kiiza is a fine lady, I congratulate her publicly for the good work done for the party. When I meet her privately, I will let her know what I liked and didn’t like about her.” He concluded.

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