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Amama Mbabazi Christmas message left politicians puzzled

by Odongo Christopher

Former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has urged Ugandan across political divide to unite and work together.

“I wish you all and especially the Christian family a joyous Christmas Day,” Mbabazi said in his December 24 message.

Amama was earlier asked how he does it by JUNA Foundation, non-partisan non-governmental organization operating in Africa focusing mainly on the role of youth with its head office in Kampala Uganda,

“Amama Mbabazi kindly share so that some people can learn to forgive, rekindle friendship after elections,” Juna said.

“How did you get past your political opinions and came together to celebrate? Some people can’t talk to each other since LC1 elections?” Becky asked.

In his Christmas message, Mbabazi seemed to answer the questions posed to him by saying “Let us all reflect on the message of Jesus of hope, compassion, salvation, reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.”

He added: “Let us all endeavour to build the future together on the basis of respect for each other.”

Mbabazi was sacked as the Secretary General of ruling ational Resistance Movement party after the president learnt that he was nursing political ambitions and was planning to contest against president Museveni in 2016 general elections.

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