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Am here to stay, I won’t hand-over power to any one -Museveni

by Odongo Christopher

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assured Ugandans and oppositions that he is not going anywhere and should forget transition from NRM to another party.

Museveni made the remarks while speaking at Inter-party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Summit in Speke Resort hotel,
Munyonyo, Kampala.

“For me I am in politics because of these two; survival for Africa, and the destiny of Africa.”
The president went on to describe other issues, such as elections, power transition and asking him to retire, as “petty.”

Museveni stated it clearly that, he has mission to accomplish and will not relinquish power and let others ruin the nation as has been in the past.

“I don’t have to be in politics, because I have my job,” Museveni who is ruling National Resistance Movement chairman stressed.

He added: “I am a cattle keeper. I am not a ruler. If you want to know, my father died at the age of 97. He hadn’t been a member of the LC1 (village council). My uncle that died recently had never been member of the LC1. I am the first member of my family to be in government.”

Museveni statement comes after Democratic Party president Norbert Mao asked president Museveni to peacefully handover power to another leader.

“I hear people like Mao talking about transition. That is not what is most important. Political players instead of talking about the survival of Africa, they are talking about elections and who is coming next,” Museveni said.

He went on: “For me if I still have the strength, I will put across my point of view. I will not retire when the issues of Africa remain undressed as we talk of petty things like elections. These are my reasons for being in politics. I have no other interests.”

The summit was attended by leaders of Democratic Party, Forum for Justice, Uganda People Congress and National Resistance Movement.

The largest opposition party Forum for Democratic Change has however, boycotted the summit citing regime harrassment and oppression of opposition political parties.

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