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Aid boat heading to Gaza seized by Israel forces

isreal seizes aid boatA Swedish aid boat has been seized by the Israel Naval army which was heading to besieged  Gaza strip. The held boat nick named freedom for Gaza with 12 clue members with various aide item including medical supplies was intercepted by Naval army and forced to land on Ashdod port.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition ha staged four vessels to deliver aid to the besieged Gaza strip and this was one of those vessels which left the Scandinavian country in may of this year.

The vessels were intended to end the long standing blockade imposed on the suffering Palestinian residents by the Israel government and Egypt.

“We demand that the Israeli occupation forces not interfere with our unarmed yacht as we continue our voyage to Gaza to deliver our gift of much-needed medical supplies,”  Said one of the aid deliverer

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There has been a number of intercepted aid vessels and some were shoot and drowned by the Israel Naval army which included the 2010 incident of the Turkish vessel  Mavi Marmara flotilla which tried to reach out to people in the closed off area of Gaza. This incident led to death of the 9 clue members aboard the vessel

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