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Age Limit : Mabirizi petition shock supreme court judges

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Mabilizi at court

Mabilizi at courtMabirizi one of the lawyers of the recently concluded court age limit case at Mbale constitution court has ferried loads of folders to appeal to Supreme court in Kampala about the shoddy controversial verdict given by the justices at Mbale court.

Lawyer Mabirizi arrived at around 9 am at supreme court on a van filled with loads of folder to challenge the court verdict that upheld the amendment of Article 102(b)  of the constitution that paved way for president Museveni to contest again in 2021.


Last year the members of parliament voted to remove the age limit article that was hindering the fifth term of president museveni.  The move was seen as smoothening life presidency of Museveni by the ruling party NRM.

Mabilizi at courtThe matter was taken to court which gave its verdict last month, among the issues reported to Mable court was age limit and extension of term years from 5 to 7 years by members of parliament.

President Museveni praised the judges for their fair ruling on the age limit verdict and cautioned them on the biased verdict concerning the term years extension.

Article can be found here  : Museveni advised to run to court to sort out age limit rulings


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